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You can be in the best shape of your life and never go to the gym again.
When you think of having the best body possible, your mind may instantly think that a gym is required to meet this goal.

This is is far from the truth.

Here are some actionable ways you can lose fat and reduce muscle for the long term.
1. Your diet must be filled with whole minimally processed foods for the best results.

Reducing fat and keeping muscle can be a bit tricky if you are not aware of the pitfalls to avoid.
Many times when you want something on your body to change like reducing fat and keeping muscle, you want instant results.
Keep in mind that fat loss should be a slow progression especially when your body fat is lower than 12%.
When your BMI is higher it is much easier to lose fat because your body is carrying unnecessary reserves.
The best way to approach fat loss while maintaining/building muscle is to make sure that your diet supports your body fully.
If you are eating processed foods that are high in fat, sugar, and toxic chemicals your body will not be able to purge unwanted fat as easily.
Some great foods to add to your diet are:
  • Lacto-fermented sauerkraut- this will help you build great bacteria in your gut allowing for better digestion resulting
  • Avocado- filled with good fats that will keep you full longer and you are less likely to carb binge
  • Nuts/seeds- If you are prone to snacking, nut/seed offer a plethora of nutrients that will sustain your body
  • A wide range of veggies- will allow you to feel full while giving you necessary vitamins,minerals, and yes protein
  • Complex carbs- Sweet Potatoes, Rutabaga, and Peruvian Purple Potatoes digest much slower than white bread and allow you to reap the benefits of more better glucose levels. Blood sugar spikes cause you to want to binge on unhealthy foods
  • Lean meats and fish- Will help you repair muscle and give you great vitamins like B12 and long chain fatty acids.
Once your diet is more wholesome and unprocessed, unwanted fat will drop off more easily .

2. Focus on explosive workouts in your exercise routine

Long drawn out cardio is not the best for fat loss and muscle building. I have tested this myself.
When I do lots of running and spin classes, I may lose some fat but my muscles become slacker and less defined.
It is best for fat loss if you do high intensity interval training (HIIT). This can be done by body weight exercises like:
  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Burpees
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Scissor legs ( which really engage your core)
  • Planks and side planks (which help build out your obliques making abs more defined)
Other forms like dance class or a great full body gym class will also work. The key is to mix up your training and make it fun.
Throwing in a run or spin class while doing more HIIT type workouts will torch fat and help you build muscle.
Remember using your own body weight will help you get a more overall defined look.
Lifting weights will compliment if you are looking for a more built look.
3. Vary caloric intake each day depending on your activity level

One great rule to follow in order to maximize fat loss is to increase calories on workout days.
This allows you to have an increase in calories every week (which will help with muscle building).
By having less calories on rest days you are not starving yourself but you dont have to worry about having as much food.
By cycling your caloric intake, you will have a much better chance at losing fat while building muscle.
This is possible but focus on caloric intake depending on your activity level that day.
Note: This can be a rough estimate. Know roughly on how many calories are in the foods you eat. Stray away from exact counting. That will drive you crazy.
4.Make your rest days as effective as possible

One of the most important parts of fat loss in resting.
While this may seem counterintuitve, resting allows for your body to repair.
While resting, your cortisol levels are lower, you allow for muscle repair, and you will have better cognitive function.
Resting is not just sleeping. (Which is extremely important)
It is more about self care. You can implement more self care in your life by:
  • Getting a massage-This will release toxins in your body allowing for better fat loss and muscle growth.
  • Getting adjusted by a good chiropractor- while this may not be for everyone getting adjusted allows for better posture, and more efficient nervous system and more efficient workouts.
  • Low impact stretching- will allow for better mobility and make you less prone to injury like torn hamstrings.
Over doing your goals in fat loss will result in you becoming frustrated. Your frustration may lead to giving up.
So be kind to yourself and know that you are taking the proper steps to long term fat loss
5. Adapt a 16/8 fasting protocol for maximum fat loss
One of the best ways I have found to have the best results in fat loss and muscle building is to follow a fasting protocol.
By fasting, you allow your body to stay in a fat burning state (ketosis) for much of your day.
I encourage you to experiment with a fasting protocol once you have a
  • Great Diet
  • Good Exercise Routine
  • A Rest and Self Care regime
Fasting will take you to the next level in your fat loss and muscle building journey.

6.Ask yourself, What would be the most fun way to do physical activity?

For many thinking about going to the gym brings up tons of anxiety.
Thoughts race through their head like, “I am too fat”. “Ill never lose weight”, “I have no clue what to do.”
Perhaps you can relate.
Know this. Going to the gym to meet your fitness goals is completely unnecessary.
So take the gym out of the equation.
Focus on what you think is fun.
By finding fun physical activities, you will have long lasting results. You wont yo-yo in weight because you will be encouraged to continue having fun.
I encourage you to take 10 minutes and go deep.
Go back to your childhood and remember how you laughed, ran, and played without a care in the world.
Just because you are a adult does not mean you are not allowed to have fun.
In fact it is mandatory that you do have fun.
By having fun you wont get so stuck on numbers and goals.
So the first order of business should for you to is to find fun. It may take sometime to uncover but you will be pleased at the outcome.
Here are some ideas:
  • Dance- you move your whole body, burn tons of calories, and you wont be looking at your watch. Eventually you may want to take a class to meet others.
  • In home workouts- With tech today there are so many options. A few months ago I incorporated in home workouts and I have found them even more effective than the gym. I get super sore!
  • Invite a friend and just play- this may mean throwing a frisbee or walking briskly. Jump around skip. It may seem weird at first but once your heart rate and endorphins are up you wont care.
  • Travel- I have found by traveling, I am more apt to explore and find new ways to work out. You also will be walking more which is a great bonus

  • 7. Invest time into finding the best way of eating that works for you
Your diet must compliment your fun workouts.
Make sure that you are eating a diet of whole minimally processed foods that best support you.

Try not to follow a fad diet. We are all different so we should eat slightly different.
Experiment with awesome healthy foods.
Remember that you will always be improving and finding new ways to meet your nutrition goals.
By investing in yourself and not a gym you will see the best results.
8. Invent clever ways to meet your fitness goals

You are the creator of your reality.
Once you take control of your fitness goals, you will see how you can improve other areas in your life.
You can merge your physical activities into more social ones.
By being out in your world you will meet people who will show you other ways to be active.
The possibilities are endless.
Don't let a notion that you must go to a gym stop you.
What step will you take today to get fit without the gym?

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